October 7, 2012
by omtique

What is the difference between inexpensive and cheap yoga clothing?

Over the eight years I’ve been practicing yoga, I’ve worn just about everything from galoshes and old jogging pants to specialized yoga wear with spandex. The uniform isn’t so clear cut – probably because yoga is so versatile. However, one thing we can probably all agree on is that the clothing you wear for yoga must be comfortable.

So what should you look for when you go shopping for yoga wear? Being a bargain lover, I originally opted for cheap – a simple cream cotton t-shirt with a pair of slightly baggy pants. The clothes were comfortable and I thought, if I was just going to sweat, why spend any more?

After a while I soon found out – the t-shirt, although being comfortable to jog in, would rise up whenever I was in forward bend, which meant I was forever tucking it back into the pants. And then, when I went into shoulder stand, the bottoms of the pants would rise up my legs.

On top of this, whenever I did a more active class such as vinyasa flow, the clothes just weren’t designed for excess sweating, so I’d always feel a bit bedraggled by the end. Bikram would have been out of the question!

If you’re forever readjusting your clothes during your practice, they’re probably not working for you. They need to be like a second skin without being too tight and if I’m totally honest, it’s difficult to find really cheap yoga wear that comes with that perfect fit. Of course, if you’re purely into laughter yoga, by all means, go with the galoshes and an old t-shirt.

For everything else, finding a good yoga outfit is well worth the investment – a bit like the timeless little black dress. And the good news is – there are lots of yoga clothes out there that are great quality, stylish and affordable.

Once I’d found some yoga pants and a top with a cute design and fitted sports bra, it made a massive difference to my practice – I felt more graceful, comfortable and I was able to breathe properly. And ironically, despite my clothes being lovely, they’re never ever the focus of my practice.

The difference between cheap and affordable is that affordable allows you to focus on what counts – your practice not your clothes.

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So whether you’re looking for slimming tops, shorts, or some timeless black yoga pants, omtique.com provides affordable women’s yoga clothing from some of the best yoga brands in America.

What are your yoga clothing irritations? Is there a difference between affordable and cheap yoga clothing and do you have any shopping tips for other readers? Share your thoughts here.

September 22, 2012
by omtique

Is it OK to wear yoga pants outside the studio?

Perhaps you’re really confident wearing your yoga pants as everyday wear or even to work; or maybe you think it’s lazy and women who wear yoga pants in a professional setting or everyday ventures won’t be taken seriously. Whatever your preference, we’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

We all have clothes or uniforms for different parts of our lives such as casual wear, work attire, sportswear and evening outfits…you get the picture.

However, when it comes to yoga, things aren’t as clear cut. Some of you may attend your weekly asana classes purely for the physical benefits and at the other end of the scale, some of you may have chosen yoga as a lifestyle.

If you fall into the latter category, chances are, you eat, sleep and breathe yoga and love wearing your yoga pants all the time. After all, yoga pants are practical; they’re designed to flatter you and if they make you feel good, why not wear them outside the studio?

For those of you who love your weekly class but don’t want yoga to spill out into other parts of your life, that’s totally understandable. Maybe you’d feel unprofessional wearing them to work or worried that you wouldn’t be taken as seriously.

Perhaps it’s about confidence and association. If you’re confident in what you wear, chances are your confidence will shine through and it won’t matter where you wear your yoga pants.

As for association, chances are, if you associate your yoga pants purely with working out and sweating you’re probably going to feel unprofessional wearing them in the office, to lunch with your friends or whilst conducting that all important meeting.

On the other hand, if you’re more of a lifestyle yogi, maybe you’re more likely to associate your pants with relaxation and comfort, which may even help you to perform better at work and leave you feeling less stressed and more at ease.

What are your thoughts? Do you love to live in your yoga pants or does wearing them outside of the studio feel inappropriate? How do you make your yoga pants work for you and do you have any tips for other readers who would like to start wearing their pants outside the yoga studio?

We’d love you to share your comments, tips and opinions here.